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Our Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from the USEPA has enabled PCCE to pay for technical reviews of studies relating to the Palmerton Zinc Superfund Site. These technical reviews help the average citizen understand what is happening in our community and the potential impact to them, their family, their homes, and their community.   Without this understanding, they are unable to make informed decisions that directly impact their lives.

Review of Draft Ecological Risk Assessment - April 2004

Relationship between human and ecological health

Record of Decision review for OU#3, November 15, 2001

Letter to Project Manager Charlie Root, December 8, 2000

Review Comments/Questions OU3, July 2000

 Feasibility Study - Summary Report-OU#3 - Valley Soils - May 28, 1999

Comment on Draft Ecological Risk Assessment, September 1998

Bioavailability of Arsenic in Mining Wastes - January 23, 1998

Work Plan for Feasibility Study - February 15, 1997

Memo from Dr Rowell to PCCE regarding OU#4 February 24, 1997

Summary report on the PETF Superfund work session held Tues, June 11, 1996    July 17, 1996

Bioavailability of Lead in soil samples - May 23, 1996

Technical Approach for Risk Assessment - April 3, 1996

Systemic Availability of Lead to Young Swine - April 3, 1996

Monte Carlo Simulation Methodology - December 1995

Comments on EPA Memorandum - Toxicological Interaction of Cadmium - September 1995

Executive Session 1994

Hazardous Substances Source Identification Study - July 1994

Palmerton Scientific Symposium - July 29, 1994

Letter to Project Manager Fred MacMillan - Nov 10, 1994

Relationship between human health and ecological health

Biological Indicators of Exposure to Cadmium - April 1994

ATSDR Health Consultation - April 12, 1993

Summary Report 24 Soil Samples - 1992?

Summary Report OU2 - Cinder Bank - May 14, 1992

Retrospective  - Review of our first TAG year - 1992?

A Compilation of Reports